Friday, 2 September 2016

Kluster & Friends - 1969 - 1972 from Omicron-Omega box (QBICO OMRICON; 2011)

Unissued ASA (middle part), side A/CVC (beginning) side B/DAV (end) side C/FUGI (end) side D

"when i did the Kluster box i had too choose from 6 CDs that the late Con sent me, all (except Beta) were +/- 60 minutes long. to fit an LP size and to make a box under two Kg. (for shipping reasons) i had to make max 6 albums and stay max at 40/45 minutes lenght. so these are the missing parts, in this way you'll have the complete music that Con originally sent me. Beta side miss only 7 minutes, so it was not worth press that one, plus missing part of Ex was released already as a one-sided in the Kluster ltd ed set. example: if you wanna hear the complete Asa rec. you'd play side A from the Kluster box, Asa side from this box (middle part) and to finish the B side from the Kluster box record." []

Password for this rls is Qbico


  1. Sorry I'm totally at a loss as to what format these files are. They don't open as any normal music file would, just the titles and not the format is shown (so just called "FILE"). Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm a big fan of this box set. Thanks!

  2. There are Flack codek compressed.