Friday 2 September 2016

Conrad Schnitzler - Film Music 1975 from Omicron-Omega box (QBICO RHO; 2011)

Password for this rls is Qbico
Kluster & Friends - 1969 - 1972 from Omicron-Omega box (QBICO OMRICON; 2011)

Unissued ASA (middle part), side A/CVC (beginning) side B/DAV (end) side C/FUGI (end) side D

"when i did the Kluster box i had too choose from 6 CDs that the late Con sent me, all (except Beta) were +/- 60 minutes long. to fit an LP size and to make a box under two Kg. (for shipping reasons) i had to make max 6 albums and stay max at 40/45 minutes lenght. so these are the missing parts, in this way you'll have the complete music that Con originally sent me. Beta side miss only 7 minutes, so it was not worth press that one, plus missing part of Ex was released already as a one-sided in the Kluster ltd ed set. example: if you wanna hear the complete Asa rec. you'd play side A from the Kluster box, Asa side from this box (middle part) and to finish the B side from the Kluster box record." []

Password for this rls is Qbico