Saturday, 20 August 2016

Conrad Schnitzler - Silver (Bureau B - BB 149; 2013)
Vinyl with bonus tracks
Recorded 1974/75


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  1. The releases for "Silver" are very confusing.
    There's a web version that is only 5 tracks,
    there's the LP you posted, consisting of two sides
    and there's the BUREAU B cd with 8 tracks (3 bonus).
    The BUREAU B has been remastered to make the bass KICK.
    The Bureau B track 1 is big! In some cases though, the
    fat bass is obscuring some of con's famous pings and bloops;
    they don't hit with the ferocity they normally do.
    So all these releases sound a bit different. The LP is nice because the tracks all segue together.
    Here is how they line up with each other:

    bureau b 01/ LP side B1/ WEB Silver_05
    bureau b 02/ LP side B2/ WEB Silver_01
    bureau b 03/ LP side B3/ WEB Silver_02
    bureau b 04/ LP side B4/ WEB Silver_03
    bureau b 05/ LP side A1/ WEB Silver_05
    bureau b 06 Bonus/ LP side A2/
    bureau b 07 Bonus/ LP side A3/
    bureau b 08 Bonus/ LP side A4/

    thanks for all your posts, i already had most, but what i didn't have was important, and this is the only place to get it!