Monday, 22 August 2016

Conrad Schnitzler - Paragon Outtakes (Captain Trip Records - CT-7006/8; 2010)
3x7" Vinyl


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  1. Great to see you are still creating the most amazing music blogs - I still think your Yasswaddah blog and the amazing collection of VOD rips and assorted rarities was one of the best music blogs of the last ten to twelve years - but like all good things, they must come to an end, sadly.

    Still, if you are going to create a blog based on a single artist and their solo and collaborative work, I can think of no one better than Conrad Schnitzler - like all truly great artists, it takes several decades for his work to be understood and appreciated for its absolute uniqueness and creativity.
    He was so far ahead of the game that he is only now starting to gain a aboveground wider audience - which is why this blog is so important - plus he produced so much solo and collaborative music that there is no danger of running out of rips of the various releases (let's just hope the labels appreciate that blogs like this are an asset to their sales and don't end up reporting it to the black iron prison of the corporate commodity fascists.)

    This is an amazing release by the way, I had no idea it existed and I've already persuaded a friend to buy it for my birthday (which underscores my point above about the value of blogs like this)

    I just hope someone else starts a blog that includes some VOD rips :)